Range Summary

Range Summary

For us, manufacturing furniture is a long-standing tradition. Over the years, the care and vision invested in the manufacturing process have brought our family business an excellent reputation for first-class products. We integrate both a craft-based approach and the most modern production technology into our manufacturing process.

The result: a comprehensive range of quality fitted kitchens. Feel free to browse our technically sophisticated range of kitchens. We work exclusively with the most modern production technology and the best materials provided by reputable manufacturers.


We offer 168 alternative doors in a variety of finishes, texture and colours as standard. Over three quarters of these can be made in any RAL or NCS colour alternative. Our doors come in a range of high quality melamines, smooth matt lacquer, gloss lacquer, textured matt lacquer, high gloss lacquer, smooth glass, polished glass, solid wood and thick veneers. These are all available as handled or handleless. There is definitely something to suit everybody.


Our cabinets are available in a choice of 23 external colours at no extra cost with an ABS thick edge. They come with 18mm thick height-adjustable shelving and white interiors. Coloured interiors are available as an upgrade. Standard cabinets come with a 110° Blumotion clip-top hinges with built-in soft-close. There is a choice of 3 standard plinth heights – 100mm, 150mm and 200mm. Special heights are also possible.


There are 54 alternative handle options to choose from ranging from a standard D grip to grip ledge options. In our Pure range, the chanel handle grip can come in the anodised steel option or a choice of 24 standard colours to compliment our colour range.


We offer 25mm and 40mm thick worktops which are equipped with a high-quality laminate surface. We have a large décor colour range and individual design options mean all planning wishes can be catered for.


Silver coloured drawers and pull outs are fully extendable so that their entire contents are visible. The drawer runners ensure a quiet movement and are guaranteed up to 60kg (80kg for all widths of carcase depth 71cm). Drawers can also be upgraded with metal glass side panels or glass side panels.

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