Kitchen Worlds

Kitchen Worlds

See the design styles available with Brigitte Küchen.

Discover your style – the new art of living. Whether your customer is looking for a modern and contemporary kitchen with clean lines or prefers a warmer and more tactile kitchen, there is something for every taste with Brigitte. Which style are you?

Pure Emotion

A clever combination of simplicity, effortlessness and a touch of Scandinavian flair with an appealing, clear design language. The longing for a positive atmosphere, for the little things in everyday life that fill us with happiness, is expressed in light colours, unusual shapes and warm details in metal. This effortlessness creates an idyllic feeling of home, full of emotional moments.


Represents the desire for uniqueness. A combination of minimalism and luxury without any sacrifice of modern-day convenience. Concentrating on what’s essential is the new luxury – “less is more”. Clear, understated work surfaces in dark shades create a particularly sophisticated and elegant atmosphere. In combination with brass, unobtrusive shades of gold and top-quality materials, they make – a simply fascinating statement!

Global Spirit

Achieves the balance between functionality and natural aesthetics. Our contemporary lifestyle is inspired by the desire to blur the boundaries between our homes and nature. Combining a variety of natural wood materials and cleverly arranged decorative moss and cork elements with various dramatic metal materials and industrial touches results in an extravagant and individual style.

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